Micro-Skill Builders

This skills-packed platform combines the best job training resources and faith-based content to deliver the resources you need to learn, grow, and develop. Regardless of your geographic location, WorkFaith Now equips you to obtain employment and advance your professional career.

How to Get Hired

If you are looking for long-term employment in a rewarding career, watch the following trainings and gain the needed tools and resources.

How to Get a Raise

If you are looking to advance your career or earn a high salary, learn what is needed to grow and develop professionally with the following trainings.

Faith at Work

How do you leverage your Faith during critical times and in conversations with people you work with every day?  Learn from industry leading professionals on how they incorporated their Faith at Work with the following trainings.

Digital Literacy

Gain a competitive edge in the job market with our Digital Literacy Course. Designed to empower individuals new to technology, we provide the essential skills needed to excel in the digital age, enhancing your job-seeking and career prospects.

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Want to Go Deeper?

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